Night Vision



ATN's NVG7 night vision goggles are some of the tough and most reliable in the field. That, combined with ATN's superior quality photocathode tubes have made these goggles a favorite of professionals, law enforcement, and hunters and civilians. Designed to be multipurpose and adaptable, the NVG7s go where other goggles simply can't.

NVG7 night vision goggles are designed with the consumer in mind, every step of the way. NVG7s are created using high grade and durable materials, while still keeping the price in mind, making these some of the best budget night vision goggles available on the market. But ATN does not sacrifice quality for affordability, and this device features ATN's signature high resolution high quality image intensifier tubes. In addition, these goggles are designed to be used in a variety of formats, such as head mounted, helmet mounted, or handheld, further increasing their usefulness, and combines the benefits of goggles, a multipurpose night vision device, and binoculars, all into one package.

  • Hand-held, head-mounted or helmet-mounted
  • Water and fog resistant
  • Use 1 CR123A type battery
  • Bright Light Cut-off
  • Automatic Brightness Control
  • Adjustable Interpupillary Distance
  • Wide angle infrared illuminator
  • 1x magnification
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night vision goggles nvg7 ATN NVG7-2I
night vision goggles nvg7 ATN NVG7-CGTI
night vision goggles nvg7 ATN NVG7-WPTI


One of the most innovative night vision goggles devices ever? ATN's got it. A device that can go hand held, helmet mounted, and head mounted, all without sacrificing depth perception like normal NVGs (night vision goggles) do? We got that too. ATN's PS15 night vision goggles provide an innovative night vision solution where normal binoculars or single lens goggles cannot complete the job. Instead, it combines the dual lens technology of binoculars, creating greater viewing sharpness and depth perception than a normal set of NVGs can provide, with the comfort and adaptability of goggles, allowing them to be either hand held or attached in a variety of mounting formats.

Automatic brightness control and a bright light shutoff make this device even more adaptable, allowing it to be used in environments that can change in an instant, without worrying about the PS15 burning out. With a variety of optional mounting packages and lens options, the PS15 can provide the highest level night vision goggle experience.

  • Automatic Brightness Control
  • 1x magnification
  • Waterproof
  • One-knob operation
  • Depth Perception
  • 1 x 3V(CR123A) or 1x 1.5V(AA type)
  • Hands-free usage
  • Comfortable flip-up headgear
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night vision goggles ps15 ATN PS15-2I
night vision goggles ps15 ATN PS15-CGTI
night vision goggles ps15 ATN PS15-WPTI


The NVM14 night vision multipurpose night vision monocular is one of the most versatile and adaptable night vision devices available on the market today. By combining the usability of a monocular, a head or helmet mounted goggle, a night vision scope, and a clip on device, ATN's NVM14 is able to provide you the most bang for your buck, where buying one device will give you the usability of five! It is also designed to be incredibly rugged and durable. By using a compact and waterproof design, the NVM14 is rolls through any terrain or environment with total ease.

By using the top quality signature photocathode image intensifying tubes as all other ATN devices, the NVM14 is able to provide high quality night vision in an adaptable small size. The NVM14 is also equipped with an automatic brightness control which ensures light stability on your device even in an unstable light environment. Designed to be compact, rugged, adaptable, and affordable, ATN's NVM14 offers one of the most easy to use, most multipurpose monocular available.

  • Use 1 CR123A type battery
  • Automatic Brightness Control
  • Waterproof
  • Built-in Infrared illuminator
  • Head or helmet mountable for hands-free usage
  • Weapon mountable
  • Ergonomic, simple, easy to operate controls
  • Compact, rugged design
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night vision monocular nvm14 ATN NVM14-2I
night vision monocular nvm14 ATN NVM14-CGTI
night vision monocular nvm14 ATN NVM14-WPTI

ARES Series

The ARES night vision scope is one of the toughest and most durable scopes on the field, all without sacrificing amazing night vision quality and precision for durability. The ARES scope is completely waterproof, meaning that even in the harshest and most unforgiving environments on earth, the scope will perform at the level you would expect a high quality ATN scope to perform at. In addition to its top of the line durability, the ARES also features an ATN signature high quality image intensifier tube, as well as one knob windage and elevation adjustment to keep the scope precise and easy to use.

The ARES scope comes with a detachable infrared illuminator to ensure that even in situations with minimal ambient light, your ARES scope, of any image intensifier tube generation, is able to perform at a high level. The Infrared illuminator, as well as its waterproof design, and easy to use one handed device operation, all combine in order to provide the most versatile night scope device on the market, capable at performing from the most ideal sport conditions, to the harshest and most severe pitch black conditions.

  • Automatic Brightness Control
  • Waterproof
  • One-knob operation
  • Use 1 AA type battery
  • Mounts to standard weaver rails
  • "RED ON GREEN" or "LIGHT GREEN ON GREEN" reticle system
  • Precision windage and elevation adjustments
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night vision rifle scope ares4 ATN ARES 4-2I
night vision rifle scope ares4 ATN ARES 4-CGTI
night vision rifle scope ares4 ATN ARES 4-WPTI
night vision rifle scope ares6 ATN ARES 6-2I
night vision rifle scope ares6 ATN ARES 6-CGTI
night vision rifle scope ares6 ATN ARES 6-WPTI


The PS28 Night Vision Clip on Scope is one of the most adaptable scopes on the market. The main innovation of the PS28 is its ability to be clipped on in front of a standard daytime scope, eliminating the need to re-zero your scope, and removing the need to take off your normal scope, thereby also eliminating the need to re-zero that scope. The PS28 comes with a convenient quick release mount, which makes taking it off in a high pressure situation easy. In addition to amazing adaptability, this clip on scope also features ATN's signature high quality image intensifier tube, which ensures that regardless of what generation of device best suits your needs, you always get guaranteed top level night vision performance.

The PS28 versatility also lies in its ability to be customized to any situation at hand. With an included high performance detached infrared illuminator, you can brighten up even the darkest situations. Plus, it also features a remote control, which makes using this weapon from a safe distance possible, while a variety of optional scope mounts allow this clip on system to attach to almost any scope.

  • Automatic Brightness Control
  • Waterproof
  • Easily changes daytime scope to Night Vision
  • Mounts in front of daytime scope, no re-zeroing required
  • Lightweight and rugged
  • Fast catadioptric front lens system
  • Resistance to severe conditions
  • Comes with Quick Release Mount
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ps28 night vision converter for daytime rifle scope ATN PS28-2I
ps28 night vision converter for daytime rifle scope ATN PS28-CGTI
ps28 night vision converter for daytime rifle scope ATN PS28-WPTI