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The MARS 4 is a modern 30mm tube thermal imaging scope from ATN designed for hunting. It’s a thermal rifle scope that comes with a Smart Range Finder and fitted with WiFi and Bluetooth to facilitate live video recording and streaming. The MARS 4 is an upgraded version of the Mars-HD thermal scopes. With this advanced thermal scope, you can automatically share your live action video on social media, and the highly efficient Dual Core Processor is designed for that. The recording is recoil-activated, making it fully automated to ensure you capture the best moments in action. Besides having a power system with low consumption and capable of providing more than 16 hours of constant use, the MARS 4 infrared scope also boasts One Shot Zero functionality, along with Smooth Zoom and Electronic Compass. The Ballistic Calculator helps you optimize your targeting skills.

  • Record Video
  • WiFi Dual Stream Video
  • Ballistic Calculator
  • Recoil Activated Video (RAV)
  • One Shot Zero
  • Profile Manager
  • Smart Range Finder
  • Dual Core Processor
  • Share on Social Media
  • Bluetooth Ultra
  • Low Power Consumption (16+hrs Use)
  • Smooth Zoom
  • Electronic Compass
  • 30mm Tube
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mars 4 384 1.25 5x ATN Mars 4 384 1.25-5x
mars 4 384 2 8x ATN Mars 4 384 2-8x
mars 4 384 4.5 18x ATN Mars 4 384 4.5-18x
mars 4 384 7 28x ATN Mars 4 384 7-28x
mars 4 640 1 10x ATN Mars 4 640 1-10x
mars 4 640 1 10x ATN Mars 4 640 1.5-15x
mars 4 640 1 10x ATN Mars 4 640 2.5-25x
mars 4 640 1 10x ATN Mars 4 640 4-40x


The industry’s lightest and most user-friendly thermal scope just got better. Now, ATN has incorporated video recording capability without sacrificing weight or ease of use. First, we kept the same industry-leading power management system that keeps you hunting through the night. Then we added the ability to capture all your once-in-a-lifetime moments on video to share with friends and family. Using unrivaled sensors for optimal image quality and sharpness, the Mars LTV now comes in 160, 320, and 640 12-micron resolution. The Mars LTV easily mounts with standard 30 mm rings and works with various platforms, including rifles, PCP air rifles, and even crossbows. Do you want a lightweight, easy-to-use thermal scope that provides a high-quality image driven by an unrelenting power system? Look no further than the Mars LTV. It’s your perfect match.

  • Record Video
  • 30 mm Standard Rings
  • One Shot Zero
  • 9 hours Battery Life
  • Reticle Multiple Patterns
  • Light Weight
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mars_ltv_160_12_01 ATN Mars LTV 160 3-9x
mars_ltv_160_19_01 ATN Mars LTV 160 5-15x
mars_ltv_320_19_01 ATN Mars LTV 320 3-9x
mars_ltv_320_25_01 ATN Mars LTV 320 4-12x
mars_ltv_320_35_01 ATN Mars LTV 320 5-15x
mars_ltv_640_25_01 ATN Mars LTV 640 2-6x
mars_ltv_640_35_01 ATN Mars LTV 640 3-9x
mars_ltv_640_50_01 ATN Mars LTV 640 4-12x
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ATN’s MARS LT is a production series comprised of a lightweight thermal rifle scope design fit for close range action. It’s a fairly affordable infrared scope made to ensure even the average rifle enthusiast gets to enjoy ATN’s modern hunting technologies. It’s produced in both 3-6x and 4-8x working configurations. The MARS LT thermal scope has a 10-hour battery life, meaning that it can be used continuously throughout a whole day or a night before recharge is needed. It also provides One Shot Zero functionality with Multiple Reticle Patterns and can be mounted on any available standard 30-mm ring. This particular thermal scope series is part of ATN’s growing product base of highly effective night vision and thermal optics, and it’s designed for easy and simple use. Anyone with a rough idea of how a thermal rifle scope works can operate the MARS LT with notable ease.

  • 30 mm Standard Rings
  • One Shot Zero
  • 10 hours Battery Life
  • Reticle Multiple Patterns
  • Light Weight
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mars-lt-19-160 ATN Mars LT 160 3-6x
mars-lt-25-160 ATN Mars LT 160 4-8x
mars-lt-19-320 ATN Mars LT 320 2-4x
mars-lt-25-320 ATN Mars LT 320 3-6x
mars-lt-35-320 ATN Mars LT 320 4-8x
mars-lt-50-320 ATN Mars LT 320 5-10x