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Thermal Monoculars

ots lt category


The OTS LT is a fairly light-weight (560g) infrared monocular from ATN. The handheld night vision scanner is easy to use and affordable. It’s supported by a newly designed Obsidian LT Core as a power source that’s able to keep the unit on for over 10 hours of continuous use courtesy of its low power consumption. The user controls are easy to learn and operate, and the highly effective sensors make sure that you get sharp images in black and white as desired. These strong qualities, combined, make for a super useful night vision monocular that has made its name in the market as a very affordable thermal monocular that doesn’t discount on its effectiveness. With the OTS LT, you can run easy search and rescue missions as well as detection and recovery activities. ATN made this affordable thermal monocular to make sure everyone enjoys an efficient and satisfying hunting experience.

  • Obsidian LT Core
  • Simple GUI
  • Light Weight
  • Ergonomic
  • Long Lasting Battery
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ots4t category


The world of thermal optics is graced with the latest and one of the best thermal monocular in ATN’s product-line. The OTS 4T is a thermal imaging monocular popular for its long-lasting battery. It has very low power consumption and the battery can last over 16 hours in constant use. The night vision monocular is also fitted with the latest highly-sensitive sensors with smart range finder. This make the infrared monocular highly effective even in fast-changing environments where maintaining focus on target is needed. In addition, the OTS 4T allows you to record and stream live videos at an impressive rate of 60fps while in active use. The dual core processor handles the inputs and outputs with flawless efficiency. You can share the videos with your family and social media friends. If you want to watch your target more closely, the Smooth Zoom feature provides that comfortability.

  • Record Video
  • WiFi Dual Stream Video
  • Smart Range Finder
  • Dual Core Processor
  • Share on Social Media
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption (16+hrs Use)
  • Smooth Zoom
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