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abl range finders series


The ABL (Auxiliary Ballistic Laser) Rangefinder is one of the best rangefinders for ATN scopes. Its pro status is evident in its smart controls that don’t need a tech-savvy user to operate. All you have to do is point to the target and click, and let the unit do the rest for you. This digital rangefinder can be connected via Bluetooth to other ATN thermal scopes like the X-Sight Pro, Mars 4, X-Sight 2 HD, or even the X-Sight 4k. This way, you can just scan for your target with the ABL and it will input the data to the ATN Smart HD Scope connected to it. Such an efficient system doesn’t need you to use the old laser range finders. You don’t even need tables or ballistic calculators. This unit eases your job by calculating the target range automatically for up to 1,500 yards with optimal accuracy and gives you a clear distance-to-object onscreen display. It’s simple build also makes it easy to attach to other hunting accessories.

  • Simple & Quick to Attach
  • Smart Controls
  • Bluetooth
  • Distance to Object on Video
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laserballistics range finder series


The Laserballistics Rangefinder product series from ATN brings you the best rangefinders for bowhunting. It comes with an app (for day scopes) that you can easily connect with your traditional rifle scope, mobile phone, or even a smart HD scope. The good thing with this innovative Bluetooth connectivity with a phone is that it displays the required reticle adjustment so you can adjust your rifle accordingly. That makes for a perfect shot within a 1,500-yard range. This is a laser range finder built for efficiency, and it’s actually the first rangefinder to come with such connectivity. Also, Laserballistics Rangefinder allows for quick reticle adjustment (5 seconds), making it very ideal both in fog mode and ranging mode to capture targets before any disrupting environmental factors distract the user. Besides its impressive features, the Laserballistics Rangefinder is very affordable. If you’re range finder hunting, this is the one.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Mobile App for Day Scopes
  • Ranging Mode
  • Fog Mode
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range finder laserballistics 1000 ATN LaserBallistics 1000
range finder laserballistics 1500 ATN LaserBallistics 1500