ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser 1500
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ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser 1500
GBP 419

ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser 1500

Laser Rangefinder

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£ 419 notify me
Combining the Precision of a Laser Rangefinder with your Smart HD scopes onboard Ballistic Calculator. Make every shot count!
ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser 1500
John W.
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ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser 1500
This one accessory that any that has/owns a ATN scope must have. This is the best scope attachment ever built. Yes, I highly recommend this accessory to any with a ATN Scope.
John W.
I haven’t received it yet.
I haven’t received it yet.
Richard S.
Love it!
Does exactly what they said it would! Set it up in about 3 mins!
Brad B.
abl 1500
for the most part I really like the unit my only complaint is the yardage reading is off by a few yards
dwight k.
Changed my mind about the scope itself
I was not exactly thrilled with the daytime use with the scope although the night vision is really impressive. The side wheel is not very smooth, the “over/ under” ranging is not really useable, and pushing a button 400 times to go from 100 to 500 yards really stinks. My son-in-law has a scope with an ABL-1500 on it and convinced me that I would like it a lot. Turns out that was a huge understatement. After adding it, loading the ballistics, and getting everything paired, I must admit I was impressed. The very first time I tried it, I was hitting steel plates between 100 and 800 yards with one touch of a button. I have it mounted to an AR 223 that I thought 800 yards was beyond the ability of the rifle. There is a noticeable jump in the cross hairs going from the extremes and it’s on target. If the info you put in is correct, so were the automatic adjustments. I realize it’s a price point “sticker shock” deal, but I think every ATN should come from the factory equipped with a 1000, with a 1500 as an upgrade option. It would save a lot of grief for first time users. I went from thinking the ATN was alright to pretty cool.
Dave S.
ABL 1500
It works well and works as advertised. I can't think of anything negative except maybe the large bright white markings on it. IMO they should be smaller subdued markings but that is just me
David N.
Even though I am still
Even though I am still learning the systems it is bad ass...
Miguel M.
ABL 1500
When paired with my X-Sight 4K PRO 3-14X . It is flawless. Excellent rifle scope and the night vision is incredible as well. Well Done.
William C.
Love it
Very helpful and useful tool.
ABL 1500 setup
This should work flawlessly with the ATN 4K Pro but easier said than done. Setup and controls should be more intuitive and easier to set up and get running
Dennis H.
Turns your ATN Smart Sight
Into a precise hunting machine
Simple & Quick to attach
Just screw on to the front of your Smart Sight. Pair the Bluetooth. Zero-In to fine tune the adjustment.
Smart Controls

Activate all the controls via your Smart Sight.
No need for additional buttons to reach for in a critical situation.

Smooth integration with your smart sight's ballistic calc

Just press One Button. Take the reading to your target and the scope will instantaneously adjust your POI to match the distance.

Ultra low power profile
1 Battery will last you an average of 6 month.
Acts as sunshade during bright daylight conditions.
Recoil Resistant
Designed to withstand the pressures of High Caliber weapons.
The ABL is built out of Hardened Aluminium Alloy with Impact Resistant Electronics.
See the distance to your target on your videos

Remember and show off your shooting prowess with "Distance to your target" clearly recorded on your Videos.

Works with ATN Smart HD Day, Night and Thermal Riflescopes.
ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser 1000 done ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser 1500
Precision to± 1 y/m
Range5-1000 y/m5-1500 y/m
Environmental ratingWaterproof
Pairs with Smart HDObsidian II or higher
Smart HD optics compatibilityX-Sight II HD Series, X-Sight 4K Series, Mars 4 Series
Battery life6 months or 5,000 measurements
Battery type1 x CR2 type, 3 V
Size4,37"x3,43"x2,8"/111 x 87 x 71 mm
Weight0.8 lb / 360 g
WarrantyTwo years