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The X-Sight 4k Pro from ATN is a high-tech smart rifle scope popular with many users. The power of its dual-core processor, coupled with a super-sensitive Ultra HD sensor, makes it a highly advanced night vision scope that displays visible target images in both day and night modes. This also boosts its ability to connect with a smartphone and enable the user to stream recorded live video during action. While the X-Sight 4K PRO Day and Night Vision Scope has allows mounting just as easily as regular rifle scopes, the smart range finder comes packed with the most modern scope technologies, one of which is its undeniably modern power system that gives the user upwards of 18 hours of active efficiency. Many agree that it’s the best night vision scope with very low (Ultra-low) power consumption. The X-Sight 4K PRO hunting scope is available for shipping all across Europe according to laws of individual countries.

  • Ultra HD Sensor
  • Record Full HD Video with 120fps
  • Day & Night Modes
  • WiFi Dual Stream Video
  • Ballistic Calculator
  • Recoil Activated Video (RAV)
  • One Shot Zero
  • Profile Manager
  • Smart Range Finder
  • Dual Core Processor
  • Share on Social Media
  • Bluetooth
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption (18+hrs Use)
  • Smooth Zoom
  • Electronic Compass
  • 30mm Tube
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day and night vision rifle scope x sight 4k 3 14 ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14x
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The X-Sight LTV is an affordable night vision scope that is a new addition to ATN’s growing collection of highly reliable rifle scopes. With the new Obsidian LT Core from ATN as the power source, this night scope boasts very low power usage while providing the user with up to 10 hours of non-stop active status. The highly sensitive QHD+ sensor makes it possible for this affordable scope to form clear images and record videos, making it fit for use day and night (with day and night modes). It’s one shot zero functionality makes the day and night vision rifle scope easy to use and be can be mounted on any type of 30 mm ring platform. As a bonus to its advanced features, the X-Sight LTV is impressively pocket-friendly. ATN avails the X-Sight LTV for shipping in Europe according to local laws.

  • Day & Night Mode
  • Record HD Video
  • Multiple reticles
  • 3D gyroscope
  • Long lasting internal battery
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xsight ltv 3-9x ATN X-Sight LTV 3-9x
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