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Smart HD Channel
New Major Feature Release - the ATN Radar! Tag your target with the Laser Range Finder from any of your smart optics. Each team member's minimap will show your Prey. Hunting in a group has never been more easier and fun. For more info visit: #ATN Is The #FutureOfOptics!
BinoX Series
ATN - Ballistics Information Exchange - Get POI Adjustments On The Fly Turn Hunting Into A Team Sport With ATN Radar! The ATN BinoX 4K 4-16x Smart Ultra HD Day/Night Binoculars With Laser Rangefinder ATN Binox 4K - Day and Night Binoculars with range finder and Full HD Camera Eagles in Ketchican | ATN Binox-HD Binoculars with Full HD camera Deer Observation | ATN BinoX- HD digital binoculars with Full HD camera Football match | ATN BinoX-HD sport binoculars Scared pig | ATN BinoX-HD Smart Binoculars with camera Holiday in Spain 2016 with ATN BinoX-HD Deers at Night | ATN BinoX-HD night vision mode Flock of pigs | ATN BinoX-HD Smart binoculars with camera Hogs in a forest | ATN Binox-HD hunting binoculars with Full HD camera Countryside landscape | ATN Binox-HD 4-16x Smart binoculars with camera Hog Hunting, nice shot ! | ATN Binox-HD Hunting binoculars with camera ATN BinoX-HD 4-16X Smart Day/Night Hunting binoculars ATN BinoX-HD 4-16x Smart Day/Night Binoculars with camera ATN BinoX HD: Wild Boar Spotting (Actual Footage) ATN X-Sight: Southwest Double Kill (Actual Footage) ATN X-Sight: Pig Pays the Price (Actual Footage) ATN X-Sight: Chinese Water Deer (Actual Footage) ATN BinoX HD: Greyhound Racing (Actual Footage) ATN BinoX HD: Geese in Formation (Actual Footage) ATN BinoX-HD: Hog Hunting in Poland (Actual Footage) SHOT Show 2016: ATN BinoX-THD Thermal Binoculars ATN BinoX-HD: Rabbits at Night ATN BinoX-HD: About 70 yards Never miss that winning touchdown again with the ATN BinoX! Daytime object with ATN BinoX- HD Classic dual satellite shot to get things going with ATN BinoX-HD Deer at night on Barnyard | ATN Binox-HD Day/Night Binoculars with camera